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Candida protocol
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Anti-Candida protocol: cleansing from fungi and parasites

Start your cleansing course for fungi and parasites right now! Get rid of int...

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Pre-launch questionnaire

✏️ QUESTIONNAIRE ✏️ Detailed information about a person's health can be provi...

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Chitin synthesis inhibitor - evolution in the treatment o...

The Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor is a substance derived from plant components t...

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Dosages and intervals of the antifungal drug «Anti-Candida»

The "Anti-Candida" drug is a combination of concentrated antifungal extracts ...

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Why do you need to consume more fats during the Anti-Cand...

A chitin synthesis inhibitor is a compound that requires fat for successful a...

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Candida Die-off – Symptoms and Early Signs of Fungal Death

Some people, upon starting a detoxification program, immediately feel better,...

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