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Probiotics and prebiotics

What is the difference between the two terms? Probiotics are live non-pathogenic microorganisms and bacteria that naturally reside in the gut of a healthy individ...

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7 reasons to take probiotics if you have Candida issues

Eliminating Candida involves meeting three essential conditions – adhering to a diet, consuming the "Anti-Candida" supplement with booster additives, and undergoi...

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How to choose the best probiotic for Candida cleansing?

Choosing a good probiotic is not easy. There are factors that must be taken into account, and unfortunately, most probiotic supplements do not meet even one of th...

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How to take probiotics if you have Candida problems?

So, you've spent a lot of time searching for the right probiotic and want to get the maximum benefit from it. What time of day should you take the probiotic?

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The best antifungal probiotics for the "Anti-Candida" course

If you evaluate the probiotic supplements available in the global market today against our five criteria, you'll find that only a few pass the test. For your conv...

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